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Patricia Grau García

CPD Reina Sofía 2013

​Solo II 


Asphalt Sea

Little Red Riding Hood

The wild boar dance

Clap 10

"Water"  S esionArt

             Patricia Grau Garcia


I am a native of Callosa de Segura (Alicante). I studied at the C. S de Murcia "Manuel Massoti Little" where I obtained the Title of Middle Degree in the specialties of Piano and Musical Language and the Title of Superior Degree in  Repentance, Transposition and Accompaniment,

My love for the arts  It takes me from a very young age to investigate the world of dance  taking countless courses in  Spanish dance,  flamenco and  contemporary dance (Aida Gómez, Mariquilla, Blanca Li, Ramón Oller, Horacio Macuacua ... and in continuous training with Rosa Mª Herrador)  Getting  The Bachelor's Degree in Contemporary Dance at the Reina Sofía Dance Center in Granada.

My interest in artistic manifestations led me to expand my training with a Master in Performing Arts at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid

My concern for the body  physical as an indissoluble mind-body connection   takes me  to study yoga and chiromassage, putting it into practice in my work as a teacher

Since 1992 I have been a career civil servant in the specialty of Repentance, Transposition and Accompaniment. And since 1997 I have been working as a teacher at the RCSMúsica de Granada "Victoria Eugenia".

Complementing my work  teacher with  my artistic side creating, imagining and investigating.

Artistic activity


As a performer I have  participated in contemporary music ensembles:

  • ​​​  Signaux , Oyaxtres,  Group of Saxophones from Les Illes Baleares ,  and  Be sonorous in  2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011  

  • ​​ " E nsemble Infinito" in   2011, 2012 and 2013 Malaga

In transdisciplinary creations premiered at Fex :

  • Litium Lab with " Dream Vapor" multimedia show  in 2010 .       

  • " Solo II"  music and dance duo in 2011

  • "Strata" and "Respiro"  two video-performances, in 2013

In creation and performance laboratories:  

  •   In "Spora" ephemeral art festival

  •   C on  the  Fura dels Baus in 2009    

  • Open Lab with  "The Expanded Body"   in 2010

  • "Ritual Laboratory"   in 2011,  composing performance music

  • In "Bastard  Scene "  in 2016

  • Dance Theater Laboratory  "Chespir"  in the Cuarto Real de Sto Domingo in Granada 2019

As a dancer I have participated, in  choreographies:

  •   "Lost Steps"  orchestra and dance solo,  Almeria 2007 

  • " The Weight of a Secret"   theater of Atarfe (Granada) 2010

  • "In Memoriam"   theater of Atarfe, in  2011

  • "Danz-Ando"  in fex 2011

  •    "Sea of Asphalt"  in fex 2012

  •   " Opposite Poles"   by Teresa Nieto at the Palacio de Congresos de Granada and  in the Museum of Fine Arts of Granada, in 2013 respectively

  • "The Rest of my days"  duo for clarinet and dance at the Center for Contemporary Culture of the University of Granada, 2013

  • "Hilas de Lilith"   installation, piano and dance performance, at the Cidy Hiaya Art Gallery in 2014  

  As a stage director choreographer  and interpreter I have participated in two multilingual projects:

  • "The Age of the Eighth Note"  in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Education Sciences in 2013 and in the Carmelo Martínez Festival in 2014  

  •   "Littlel Red Riding hood" ,  in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Education Sciences, in 2015. In the cultural week of CPM Angel Barrios, in  2016. With Sinfonendo, a solidarity musical project in 2016 

And in

  • "El Retablo de Maese Pedro" , at the I Carmelo Martínez Music Festival, in 2013

  • "The love wizard"   at the II Carmelo Martínez Music Festival, in 2014

  • "Songs of Lorca"   at the IV Carmelo Martínez Music Festival, in 2016. And with the Jara Chamber group in the Caja Rural de Granada in 2011

  • " West Side Story"   at the V Festival  de Música Carmelo Martínez and at the Isidoro Máiquez theater in 2017. At the Guadix Classical Music Festival in 2018 . ​​

As a choreographer and musical director,  In 2012 he formed the body percussion group Clap 10 ,  with students from the music conservatory,  In 2014  I think  a new one that I am also part of as an interpreter,  SessionArt ,  formed by 4 women musicians. Doing  premieres :

with Clap 10 :

  • "Marching Band"   at   fex 2012.  "Behind the scenes"   at  MAHS 2013. "Earth"   in fex 2013 (with this piece we performed again at La Noche en blanco, in Atarfe and in Los Ogíjares .

with SesionArte:

  • "Water" ​   in the White Night 2014. "Tigua"   in the Faculty of Education Sciences "2015. Acting in the  Hospital  de San Rafael, the Dúrcal Street Festival and the Guadix classical music festival,  2014

AND  as stage director of the  duo musi c al  "Romantic Composers from Granada of the XIX century" in the Corrala de Santiago in Gra nada 2019.       

I create in 2015 the children's musical duo: " DelaVegaSon" ,  Representing " The Dance of  Wild boar " (adaptation of the original by Ursula Wölfel) with   original music, in nursery schools  schools and public libraries  in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

As musical and artistic director:

  • "The Trunk of Memories" at Fex 2018

  •   "MusicCoffe"  at Fex 2019 and at the Andalusian Public Library in the Sala Val del Omar, in 2020

I create the performances  musicals:  

  • "Action Play"  for the Science Park in the framework of the exhibition "Play Science and Music" in 2019

  •   "Pandemonium" for the X edition of  MAHS, in 2020

Artistic direction of the video-performances:  

  • " Confinament Table"  in 2020

  • "Six Feet"  in 2020

  • "25 N"  on  2019 and 2020

I participate and collaborate

  • In the III edition of the Interdisciplinary Festival of Contemporary Music of Luque, Córdoba in 2019. 

  • In the Rimme Research project in 2018

  • In the Piiisa project,  Performative music Education in 2018 and 2019





  • Articles on education, music and other artistic disciplines.  "Early musical education"

"Body percussion and cognition", "Gestural communication", "Musical improvisation" etc

  • In 2017   the children's musical tale "The boar dance "  original music

  • In 2019  the children's musical tale  "The Sound Machine" with text and original music





Workshops given

  • Workshop  Body Percussion  at Dance CP Reina Sofía de Granada, February 2009

  •   Workshop Body Percussion on  Dance CP  Reina Sofía of Granada, February  2010

  • Workshop Body Percussion in  IES Alhama de Granada, May  2010

  • Music and Movement Course at the Conservatori Superior de Música de les Illes Balears, January 2011

  • Body Percussion Workshop at CP de Música Antonio Lorenzo de Motril, March  2011

  • Workshop Body Percussion at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, May 2011

  • Workshop Body Percussion in  Dance CP Antonio Ruiz Soler from Seville,  December  2011

  • Body Percussion and Dance Workshop at ESAD in Extremadura, February 2014

  • Workshop  Music and Movement  in CP "Gómez Moreno", in 2014-15

  • Workshop Music and Movement at CPM Carlos Ros de Guadix, April  2015.

  • Body Percussion Workshop at RCSM Sta Cecilia Roma, May 2015

  • Music and Movement Workshop at CEM Carmen Romero Avellaneda de Loja,  2016

  • Workshop  Music and Movement  in City of Jaén Music Band, December 2017

  • Workshop  Music and Movement  at EMMDO  in Ogíjares, November 2018

  • Workshop The Body as an Instrument at CEM Pablo Ruíz Picasso in Malaga, April 2018


Teacher training courses

  • Promotion of Mental Health and Well-being in the Educational Context in Andalusian School of Public Health in  February 2011 and 2013

  • In the Days of good educational practices Get excited at School  at the CEP of Granada 2014

  • Music and Sounds to work in the Classroom  at the CEP of Granada 2014

  • We go to auditorium 1 (infant and primary)   Search, search ... and you will find  at the CEP of Granada 2015

  • Music and Movement in the Classroom  in the CEP of Granada  june 2015

  • Educational performance in children  Psychomotor, Creative, Musical and Emotional Expression  at the CEP of Granada 2015

  • Training your brain from piano to kitchen  Music, Movement and Cognition  University of Almería, in the 2018 Summer courses

Piiisa 2019  with the coordinator Jose Antonio Rodríguez-Quiles


con Sebastiano, Oscar, Manuel, Julia, Fernando, Lino y Enrique


West side story

Action Play

Adventures 2016


The trunk of memories


Contemporary Dance June2019

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